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Discussion in '2005' started by MrSmith, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Interesting twist this year for 05 and 06 girls.

    With surf and stampede date overlap and different group spilt the 05 and 06 girls play on the same dates for both surf and stampede...

    Surf splits u15+ into the older group and plays end of July. The u14 (new age so current u13) and younger teams play first weekend of August.

    Stampede splits u13 (new age so current U12/06) and older into its older group and older girls also play first weekend of August.

    This problem only affects the two years that spilt differently and only girls as boys play later in August.

    So 06 and 05 girls have to chose between surf and stampede. Which likely hurts the top NorCal teams who go to surf as they will likely miss stampede or have to choose not to go to surf. Possibly the stampede winner might be a bit unexpected this year.

    M Smith

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