Club Rivalries = Don't play each other ?

Discussion in '2000' started by respectthegame, Mar 24, 2017.

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    Here in the Sacto area, many of the clubs boycott each other's respective tournaments. Blues will not play at Placer Cup, nor will SJ. Placer will not play at SJ events. These are just examples. What makes the situation tough to swallow is that these clubs will travel, out of state even, to pay a bundle and play in top class tournaments to play tough competition. Not to diminish those tournaments, but as a general common sense rule isn't a financial no-brainer to participate in a local, competitive level (Not Surf like, but decent) tournament ?

    Why the boycotts ? I have heard various things, i.e. scared to lose players to the other club, don't want to contribute to financials of the rival club.... In some cases, at the older age groups, Placer and SJ may complete an entire year and not play once - despite having decent, respective teams 15 minutes apart. I look at i.e. MVLA vs DeAnza, or SCB vs Surf, these guys might play like 3-4 times just in one year. With this delusional fear of poaching logic, they shouldn't play each other so as to not lose players ?

    Perhaps one of you can enlighten me as to why they boycott ?
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